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The photo includes following left to right:
Nereda White (Director, Centre for Indigenous Education and Research, ACU); Paul Sullivan SM (Koori Ministry, Macksville); David Pascoe (Assistant Head, School of Theology, ACU / St Paul’s Theological College, Brisbane Campus); Miriam Rose Ungunmerr (Invited Guest Speaker, Daley River NT – Indigenous Spiritualities); Gerard Hall SM (School of Theology, ACU / St Paul’s Theological College, Brisbane Campus); Aunty Joan Hendriks (Invited Guest Speaker – Indigenous Spiritualities); Francis D’Sa SJ (Invited Guest Speaker – Vision of Raimon Panikkar, Pune, India)

Brisbane 2010

Dreaming a New Earth: Indigenous Spiritualities
and the Vision of Raimon Panikkar

Supported by the Indigenous Research Unit ACU, Faculty of Theology & Philosophy ACU, The Asia Pacific Centre for Interreligious, it was  held on Sunday 20th – Thursday 24th June, 2010 in Brisbane (Australia).
The aim of the symposium was to encourage intercultural and interreligious dialogue with particular focus on Indigenous traditions within Australia and across the Asia-Pacific region.
Presenters with knowledge of practical theology and/or the vision of Raimon Panikkar complemented the symposium along with keynote speakers, workshops, film, ritual ceremony and panel discussion.

welcome to Country and University welcome
Aunty Joan Hendriks – Indigenous spirituality
Francis D’Sa: The call to get in touch with our origins Raimon Panikkar’s Cosmotheandric World

Opening Reflection & House Keeping - Nereda White and David Pascoe
Keynote Speaker - Miriam-Rose Baumann
Anthony Kelly The Risen Christ and Interreligious Dialogue
Andrew Wicking ‘The Contact Zone’: Can we make meaningful connections across Westernand non-Western knowledge systems?
Winston Halpua Dreaming a New World & Moana  (Oceanic) World View
Paulo Barone: Vanishing. The Dot-like Condition of the Subject
Kathy Butler: Indigenous Spiritualities, Curriculum and Cultural Competency
Anna Maria Natalini A Sacred Unity. Some Remarks about
Milena Carrara: an address to the attendees from Raimon Panikkar;
My Opera: Life and Word (Film: a collection of interviews to R. Panikkar)
Scott Eastham After Panikkar3
Charlotte Sunde Ecosophy and Indigenous Spiritualities: Dreaming a New Ecology
Young-Chan Ro
Korean Shamanism as a Cosmotheandric Experience
Rapin Quinn Interfaith and Intercultural Education
Margaret Tam Australian, Chinese and Catholic
Stephano Girala The Roman Catholic Church and the “Great Australian Silence”
Louise Campbell Aboriginal Spirituality and the True

Alesana Pala’amo
From Tradition to God: A Qualitative Study Towards Redeveloping the Spirituality of Samoan Youth
Clemens Mendoca Aboriginal Spirituality & Interreligious Education
Michiko Yuka Ecosophy: Shinto, ecology and the Asia-Pacific
Mary Eastham Depression and the Heterostasis of Modern Society: Panikkar’s Nondual Vision of Medicine and Religion
Greg Smith New Earth Horizons: Tradition, Poetry and the Dreaming
Maria Roberta Cappellini The Rose Aphorismòs
Phillip Gibbs When Indigenous Spirituality Becomes Theology
Diane Pendola The Lioness Tale: Spiritual Transformation in Women’s Prisons
Peter Kirkwood Aunty Joan Goes to Venice:Film


«Cuanto más nos atrevemos a caminar por nuevos senderos
-ha dicho-, más necesitamos estar enraizados en la propia tradición
y abiertos a las demás, que nos advierten que no estamos solos
y que nos permiten alcanzar una visión más amplia de la realidad.»