Baltimore 2013


Raimon Panikkar Symposium
American Academy of Religion
Baltimore, November 22, 2013



Held in conjuction with the annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion
This symposium pays tribute to the contributions of the late Professor Raimon Panikkar. He was a thinker and a scholar whose interests covered the issue of science, technocracy, and history (or the meaning of temporality) apart from his profoud insight into the spirituality of “post-historical” humanity – the clear acknowledgement that we live in an unfamiliar world that arose following the “splitting of atoms”. While remainingrooted in Christian spirituality, he engaged in interfaith dialogue, speaking for a radically inter-traditional epistemology. The purpose of the symposium is for friends, scholars, and intellectuals who are interested in Panikkar’s thought to get together, and critically engage in important issues addressed by him, and assess the merit of dialogical and intercultural studies in our profession in the present world.


Michiko Yusa (Western Washington University)
Tribute to Scott Eastham (Massey University)
“Flight from the Antipodes: The pneumatics of text in context”
“Gender, the Feminine, and Cultural Disarmament in the thought of Raimon Panikkar
Young-chan Ro (George Mason University & University of Notre Dame
“An Epistemological Foundation of Raimon Panikkar


Milena Carrara Pavan (President of Vivarium and Editor of Opera Omnia)
“Panikkar’s Opera Omnia: the philosophical/spiritual pilgrimage of Raimon Panikkar
Bret W. Davis (Loyola University Maryland)
“Intertraditional Dialogue: From Gadamer’s Diachronic to Panikkar’s Diatropical Hermeneutics”
Fred Dallmayr (University of Notre Dame)
“A Secular Age? Reflections on Taiyor and Panikkar’s Difference from Taylor?”
Francis Clooney (Harvard University)
“Arguing Catholics: (how) Does Advaita Matter to
Roberta Cappellini (CIRPIT President)
“Panikkar’s Intra-Inter-Dialogical Philosophy: Imparative vs.  Comparative
Purushottama Bilimoria (University of Melbourne, UC Berkeley)
“Further Reflections on Imparative Studies”
Abraham Vélez de Cea (Eastern Kentucky University)
“The Cross-cultural Hermeneutics of Raimon Panikkar”
John Blackman (practising lawyer, San Francisco)
“Meditation of a Mediator: Applying Panikkar’s insights to Dispute Resolution”
Josep Prabhu (California State University Los Angeles)
Raimon Panikkar’s Trinitarianism and his Critique of (Mono)theism



Raimon Panikkar

el sitio oficial

«Cuanto más nos atrevemos a caminar por nuevos senderos
-ha dicho-, más necesitamos estar enraizados en la propia tradición
y abiertos a las demás, que nos advierten que no estamos solos
y que nos permiten alcanzar una visión más amplia de la realidad.»