Sacred Secularity


“Sacred secularity emphasizes just as much that God becomes man as that Man be considered a divine being, not so much by means of a descension or ascension as by the fact that they are constitutively related” (El mundanal silencio).

A feature of the human being – especially in antiquity – is that of living facing the world; his glance is directed toward the heavens and the earth, and on that horizon the divinity appears, as Lord, Cause, origin. The divinity appears linked to the world and the latter appears interpreted as the world of the divinity. Because of this, Panikkar tells us that one of the reasons for the present crisis of spirituality is the “absence of cosmic confidence” fundamental to all the traditional religions (El mundanal silencio). In the non-dualistic conception of reality there is no sacred and profane, rather there is nothing that is not sacred, since all of reality is interrelated. This is the foundation of sacred secularity according to RP.

Raimon Panikkar

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“Writing, to me, is intellectual life
and also spiritual expirience…
it allows me to ponder deeply the mistery of reality.”